About Us

Ideal Completion Services, Inc. (“Ideal”) is a privately owned Flowback, Production Testing and Water Management Oilfield Service Company operating in Canada and the USA.
Ideal is built around and dedicated to our core values:


– The foundation upon which Ideal is built;


– Working together to build the Ideal team;


– The Ideal amount of respect for the environment, employees and customers;


– Ideal people for the job;


– Relentless drive for the Ideal result;

At Ideal, we pride ourselves on the team and asset base we have assembled. Most employees have a vested interest in the company which reflects in positive attitudes and strong work ethics. Our North American footprint combined with our operational experience position us well for further expansion.

Our Team:

Rutger Niers – President

Richard Defreitas – COO

Scott Marshall – VP Operations

Jim Emary – Director – Technical Services

Rick Zahariuk – Sales and Marketing GM