sTRAP Hydrocyclonic Smart Trap

Meet sTRAP, the world’s most effective sand blocker.

The sTRAP HydroCyclonic Smart Trap is not your normal cyclonic system. In fact, this system retrieves 10 TIMES more sand than traditional cyclonic systems. This HydroCyclone design removes up to 100% of sand from the flow stream prior to entering critical erosion points.

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Design benefits and improvements include reduced fabrication costs, target 100% sand removal, and an added removable funnel insert.

It’s a
10:1 ratio

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This system also minimizes downtime, as the sand traps can be rigged up prior to turning wells to production, and reduces equipment transportation costs by utilizing Ideal’s storage separators left on location. Ideal personnel performing the completions can spot, rig up, and monitor sand trap operations and eliminate the need for additional services.

Additionally, the sTRAP enables you to control your H2S operating environment. It has the capability to rig in 5,000 PSI PRV into a sealed vessel or tank, or the sand drain from the sand trap can be rigged into sealed vessel or tank.

  • 100% Efficient Sand Removal System
  • 5,000 PSI System Eliminating Erosion Costs Downstream of the Choke
  • Minimize Downtime Turning Well From Completions to Production
  • Reduce Footprint of Redundant Services & Equipment on Location
  • Controlled H2S Operation Environment


  • MAWP: 5,000 PSI
  • Skid dimension: 7’ x 7’ x14’10”
  • Dry weight: 12,900 lbs
  • Design standard: ASME SEC VIII DIV 1
  • Inlet: 2” FIG. 1502 I oulet: 2” FIG. 1502
  • Maxiumum combined fluid: 12,500 BPD

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